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ChatMate helps employees coordinate meetings efficiently

ChatMate helps employees coordinate meetings efficiently

ChatMate helps employees coordinate meetings efficiently


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About the Customer

Whisper House Ltd. is a medium-sized Central and Eastern European (CEE) company that operates in the IT services sector and serves clients ranging from small businesses to multinational corporations. Many of these clients have faced challenges in effectively managing their meetings. They have a diverse workforce operating from various locations, making it a challenge for employees to coordinate their schedules and arrange meetings.

Customer Challenge

Whisper House Ltd.'s clients were encountering recurring difficulties in scheduling meetings. To arrange a meeting, client employees had to use various applications, such as Google Calendar, to manually check the availability of meeting rooms and attendees.

This process was both time-consuming and prone to errors such as double-booking or last-minute cancellations.

Moreover, the employees were unable to receive suggestions on suitable meeting rooms based on the number of invitees. If this issue remained unaddressed, employees would continue to spend excessive time on repetitive tasks, causing a decline in productivity and morale.



To address this challenge, Whisper House Ltd. partnered with SnapSoft. By utilizing AWS Lambda and Amazon Lex, SnapSoft created a chatbot, a smart assistant application to handle meeting room reservations with conversational interfaces.

The chatbot, integrated with the company's Google Chat and Google Calendar system, allowed employees to easily schedule meetings via a user-friendly interface.


On initial interaction, the chatbot greets employees with a welcome message and a user guide. Employees can also request the guide at any time by using the 'help' command.

ChatMate provides suggestions for the most appropriate meeting room based on the number of invitees and helps employees invite people and add a title to the meeting. Employees could also ask the chatbot about the availability of a specific meeting room.

AWS Lambda was used to build the serverless application that powers the chatbot. Amazon Lex was used for the natural language processing and generation capabilities. The chatbot suggests available rooms, allowing employees to reserve meetings quickly and easily. The chatbot also allows employees to invite people to meetings and add a title, ensuring that the meeting room is not overbooked, all from the chat interface.

Results and Benefits


The implementation of the chatbot resulted in a significant reduction in the time employees spent scheduling meetings. It also reduced double-booking and last-minute cancellations. The chatbot's suggestion feature helped employees choose the most appropriate meeting room, leading to better utilization of the company's resources.

Employees can easily subscribe to the chatbot because it is integrated into the company's communication platform, Google Chat, and does not require the use of an additional tool.

The chatbot made it easy for employees to check room availability and reserve meetings. The use of natural language processing in the chatbot also resulted in a more personalized experience for employees.

Technology stack

Whisper House Ltd. uses the Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform to host the application, using Amazon Lex and Amazon Lambda with S3 package storage for core logic, and DynamoDB for session and terraform state storage. All AWS Lambda functions are written in Kotlin, including the integration with Google Calendar and Google Chat. The infrastructure is built using Terraform. SnapSoft was trusted to develop the whole project from start to end.
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